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A Change To The Way We Learn To Drive

When we take our first driving examination – for those of us that can remember back that far, you may recall your instructor asking you to check your blind spot before making any lane changes. The way that the instructor would have told you to do this would have been to get you to check both your rear view mirror, your side mirrors and then to look over your shoulder and physically ascertain that there is no one or no vehicle lurking in your blind spot.

One of the biggest problems with this type of instruction is that a driver who is learning to master both speed and steering has to take their eyes from the road and turn in their seat to check for other vehicles. This is surely a recipe for disaster, and if the statistics for collisions when changing lanes on our nations roads are any indication then indeed a disastrous instruction it is. There have been some products that were made available to remedy the blind spot issue but have left motorists on a whole, let down.

That was when MaxiView mirrors designed an innovative and effective solution to the problem of blind spots. The MaxiView mirror is the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world. It can be adhered to the existing side mirrors and will give an enlarged reflection of the vehicles traveling behind. The MaxiView mirror is a far safer option when traveling on our roads. If you are learning to drive or you have been a driver for some time, then it will come as a relief to not have to take your eyes from the road when determining if there is a vehicle in your blind spot. The MaxiView mirror allows the driver to see what is behind their vehicle without taking their eyes from the road.