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A Small Investment In Safety

When you decide that you want to change lanes when traveling on our nations highways there are a set of actions that you put in to place to determine the safety of the move. First you put you indicator on, then you check in your rear view mirror. If this is clear then you check your side mirrors and perhaps a cursory look over your shoulder and if you see nothing that could block you, you make the transition. This is the same set of actions that countless motorists carry out every day on our roads and yet the lane change collision still remains the leading cause of all highway collisions in our country. Why?

Well, when questioned after the accident drivers regularly answered that they simply did not see the other vehicle in their blind spot. As a result many vehicles were manufactured with a mirror that comes with the warning that objects may be closer than they appear. These mirrors are very similar to the bubble mirrors or fish eye stick on available. All of them reduce the size of the object and all of them have been evident in many of the lane change collisions. This has to indicate that they lack in effectiveness, right?

MaxiView mirrors believed so and as a result designed the most innovative and effective solution on the market today. As opposed to reducing the size of the object in the reflection, MaxiView actually increases the size by up to three times. This means drivers are given more time to gauge the safety of making a lane change. They are fully adjustable, so much so that there is not another stick on mirror in the world that is as adjustable as the MaxiView blind spot mirror – guaranteed! And retailing at less than $30 a pair you can be sure that this is small investment in your safety.