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A Smarter Alternative To Blind Spot Mirrors

The vehicles of today all come with one feature that has changed very little since the first motor vehicle rolled off the production line. One of the major safety features of a vehicle has to do with its mirrors that enable the driver to see what is around their vehicle and make driving choices accordingly. The side mirror of today’s vehicles have changed externally but the mirror itself has undergone very little updating over time. It is a great oversight by the automotive industry to not have improved upon thins feature as it happens to be the cause of one of the most common daily collisions on our highways; the lane change.

This is why MaxiView blind spot mirrors decided to develop an effective and successful blind spot mirror to suit any car regardless of the make and model as well as suiting any driver regardless of their height or the position they sit in their drivers seat. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the worlds most adjustable stick on blind spot mirror. That means that you can get full view of anything in your blind spot at all times while driving. Unlike the rather limited success of the current blind spot mirrors available that reduce the size of the object you are trying to avoid, MaxiView blind spot mirrors enlarge the image so that you can drive according to that vehicles proximity to yours.

With a unique patented ball and socket design the MaxiView blind spot mirror can be attached to your existing side mirrors in the upper corner. This is the area that would otherwise reflect only the sky, so you can be sure that your view ion your side mirrors are enhanced with the use of the stick on mirror. Retailing at less than $30 a pair, these blind spot mirrors can be removed from your vehicle and placed on another if you choose to swap cars at some stage.