Extended Warranty


In an effort to keep from raising our prices which have not gone up in 10 years and also by popular request we are now offering an extended warranty, and for a limited time at a VERY special price.

We currently have a 30 day price guarantee, which is still in effect and included with every purchase.

The new extended warranty will last as long as you own your car.

This will cover the Maxi View Mirror for

  • Any and all car accidents.
  • Any malicious acts.
  • Theft or mysterious disappearance.
  • Any damage to the mirror face or any other part of the maxi view mirror.

Not covered: postage or return shipping fees.

To activate this warranty, you must return any one piece of each Maxi View Mirror to be replaced plus $3.95 for shipping back to you. This is about 50% off normal shipping charges.

Note: the extended warranty may be activated a maximum of one time for each pair of mirrors.

This warranty may be ordered online only and only at the time of purchase from this website.