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Advanced Specifications that Expose the Blind Spot for Good

A blind spot is the area towards the rear of a vehicle that is invisible to the driver through the side mirror. Blind spots can be dangerous especially when a driver is changing lanes unsure of whether there is a vehicle overtaking from behind or not. There are three ways of exposing the blind spot for good. The first one would be to check the rear by turning one’s head for a moment and risking rear-end collision. The second would be to reduce the overlap between side and rear-view mirrors, which actually doesn’t expose the blind spot completely. The third and most effective way to expose the blind spot for good is the use of an advanced optically engineered blind spot mirror that provides expanded visibility without distortions.

Unlike the traditional bubble and fish eye side mirrors, this type of mirror is completely adjustable to match every driver’s height. It rests on a ball or swivel that gives it 360 degrees adjustability. It can also be attached on every type of vehicle’s side mirror, be it a towing mirror, a motor cycle mirror, or even a motorhome mirror. To expose the blind spot for good, this unique blind spot mirror is specifically designed and placed in the upper inside corners of each side mirror to prevent it from blocking the driver’s view. The upper inside corner of bubble and fish eye types of side mirrors typically show the sky, which is of little use to the driver.

A good example is the MaxiViewblind spot mirror which has been tested with great success on California’s freeways as well as Europe’s autobahns and found to be completely effective in exposing the blind spot for good. It, in effect, gives the driver an ability to see double the view a regular side mirror provides. With an expanded distortion-free vision, this uniquely designed side mirror is the only way to expose the blind spot for good.