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The danger of driving on our roads is apparent every time you pick up a newspaper or switch on the news, as traffic accidents are reported all across the nation every day. The best a driver can do to protect himself and his family on the road is to ensure that he is less likely to have a collision. Some cars are statistically reported as being involved in more accidents than others and this is usually due to that model of vehicle having a prominent blind spot. Blind spots cause many accidents on the roads even with the best drivers behind the wheel. One of the best ways to avoid collisions in traffic is to install a good set of blind spot mirrors. Once fitted the blind spot mirrors will substantially decrease your chance of having a collision.

The MaxiView blind spot mirror is a highly advanced and tested piece of equipment which is sold as an accessory for around $30 and it can be fitted at home in a few minutes. It has been tested and proved to reduce the amount of collisions especially during lane changing maneuvers and it definitely saves lives.

The blind spot mirrors cleverly attach to the top corner of your regular side mirrors in the spot which usually reflects the sky. The optically engineered lens is both fog resistant and glare proof, producing an image at least 3 times larger than other blind spot mirrors. Full adjustability is provided by the ball swivel joint that the lens is mounted on and this means that the mirror can move 360 degrees to the most efficient position. Driving with these blind spot mirrors you will avoid those untimely collisions that endanger your life and often destroy your car. Can you really afford to be without a MaxiView blind spot mirror?