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Avoiding the Number One Cause of Lane Change Collisions in the USA

How many near misses have you had while changing lanes? How many times has that annoying honk of another driver concealed in your blind spots jerked you out of a lane change collision? Maybe you have even had an accident before, all because that annoying blind spot on your side view mirror just doesn’t reveal all that it should. You might have even tried bubble or fisheye mirrors, only to realize that they actually impede your driving with their distorted view and inaccurate distances.

There is a way to avoid the number one cause of lane change crashes, by doubling your side view with the latest in Blind Spot Mirror technology. This advanced stick on mirror attaches easily to all types of mirrors- including motorcycle mirrors, motorhome mirrors, and towing mirrors, and uses an adhesive originally developed for instant surgical stitches on the battlefield, so you know it’s going to stay firmly in place, no matter what type of weather you drive through. It also rotates a full 360˚, unlike other stick on mirrors, so you can get the angle you need to prevent collisions.

This new blind spot mirror will never block your vision, as it attaches to the portion of your side mirror you never use for changing lanes- the section that shows the sky. It reflects an enormous view, due to the unique curvature of mirror that allows it to reflect back the same surface area as an 8 ½” truck mirror. The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror will work day or night, and has a special shatterproof design that will take whatever the road throws its way.

Don’t engage in another lane change without the MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror on your side, protecting you from potentially fatal accidents. Invest in one today and knock out your blind spots- the number one cause of lane change collisions.