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Being a Safer Motorcyclist on the Road

It is surprising to know that motorcyclists on our roads are generally very experienced and are well informed as to what the rules and regulations are when travelling on the road. Motorcycles, however, are more likely to be involved in a collision than a vehicle. So, what is at fault here? Could it be the vehicle in the majority of instances are at fault or is it the motorcyclist?
It is probably easier to answer by thinking about the way that motorcycles behave on the road. Many of them are prone to high acceleration and can weave in and out of traffic with far greater ease than passenger vehicles. These are fast and streamlined machines that can get the motorcyclist where they need to be in far less time than if they were in a vehicle.

The problem is that motorcycles can be difficult for drivers to see as they can accelerate seemingly from nowhere and overtake the vehicle. This can be a problem for both the driver and the rider as they have to determine what the other will do in this situation.

Cars that have MaxiView blind spot mirrors attached to their existing side mirrors are more able to see objects and vehicles such as motorcycles looming in their blind spot. MaxiView is the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror and enlarges objects that are reflected by up to 3 times their actual size. Motorcycles can alos have MaxiView blind spot mirrors attached to their side mirrors as well to enhance their vision when on the road. It is not always the motorcycle that is driving erratically; it can also be drivers of vehicles do not check their mirrors to see the motorcyclist in the lane next to them.