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Best Blind Spot Mirror On The Market

Have you been traveling along in traffic on the highway and had someone just up a little further from you in the opposite lane put their indicator on and change lanes right into the path you are traveling? Perhaps you have been driving and checked your rear view mirror, put the indicator on, checked the side mirrors and started to move across and get a huge fright when the other vehicle you were about to run into blasts you with their horn? Most of us have been there, it is such a common occurrence on our roads and the main cause of collisions on our highways. But what is really going on here that we need to know about before we make that lane change?

The one answer that drivers involved in lane changes are most likely to offer is that they simply did not see the other driver there. The other vehicle was traveling in their blind spot and they went unnoticed until the collision occurred. How can nit be that you could miss something as big as another vehicle? It seems ridiculous that you couldn’t see something that huge, but it isn’t. All vehicles have blind spots. This means your car, truck, bus, motorcycle or van has a blind spot. The size of it, or the amount that can be “hidden” in your blind spot usually depends on the make and model of the vehicle.

MaxiView mirrors have the the most effective remedy for this problem. Instead of offering the bubble or fish eye mirror which is already available and is not proving overly effective, MaxiView took the opposite approach. MaxiView decided that estimating how far another vehicle was away from you was not conducive to safe driving. This is what the other mirrors will require of the driver as they reduce the size of the image in the mirror by up to eight times. MaxiView mirrors enlarge the image up to three times the actual size and therefore can enable the driver plenty of time to make that lane change.