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Better Blind Spot Mirror Options

Vehicle manufacturing has come a long way since the first one ever rolled off the blocks on the production line many years ago. The shape and the style of the vehicles on our roads today are far more conducive to travelling and our modern day needs. One of the interesting items that has not had much change in all of this time is the humble side mirror on our vehicles. It is an interesting item of safety that really should have been overhauled long ago, considering the danger that they can impose if they are not checked properly.

Making lane changes when driving on the highways is almost inevitable. It is this single action that provides the leading cause of collisions on our nations highways, so what are drivers doing wrong that lands them in so much trouble? It seems the blind spot is much to blame for this problem and the side mirror that is supposed to alert drivers to other objects and vehicles surrounding them is inadequate at doing so successfully. This has resulted in bubble or fish eye mirrors being produced. Some vehicle manufacturers also started to implement side mirrors that came with warnings that objects are closer than they seem. This has meant that drivers had to suddenly adapt to an image that was greatly reduced in size and then go on to accurately estimate the distance of the other vehicle to them in order to safely change lanes.

MaxiView mirrors have taken the guesswork out of the blind spot mirrors currently available. The other mirrors have had limited success due to drivers estimations being incorrect. MaxiView blind spot mirrors enlarge reflected objects alleviating the guesswork involved in distance. In fact by enlarging the images MaxiView blind spot mirrors actually provide the driver with more time to make a safe lane transition.