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Installing a pair of blind spot mirror on your car is probably the most sensible investment you can make, as this will ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers and enable you to have a better view of the traffic around you while you are driving. No doubt you have seen many accidents on the news every night, which happen when drivers change lanes on the highway or freeway. This is the most common cause of accidents on major roads and for the most part these accidents could have been prevented, if the driver had better visibility of the cars around him. MaxiView Blind spot mirrors are a simple invention that can be easily installed at home and they increase your overall visibility on the road preventing dozens of accidents every month in America.

The MaxiView Blind spot mirror is designed to ensure that the driver has a clear view of the vehicles around him and the design gives an accurate view of other cars without making them look smaller or further away that they really are. Traditional stick-on blind spot bubble mirrors tend to distort the image of nearby vehicles and they can actually cause accidents rather than preventing them.

This innovative blind spot mirror is placed in the upper corner of the vehicles side mirror, in the spot where the sky would normally be reflected. This placement is to ensure that the blind spot mirror does not inhibit any side mirror vision at all. With the blind spot mirrors firmly in place you have extra visibility and can see all the vehicles around you at all times. Many lives are saved from drivers using blind spot mirrors as modern cars are notorious for having blind spots, which trick the driver into thinking it is OK to change lanes when it isn’t.