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Blind Spot Mirrors Can Save Lives

Over the years, a problem has been brewing in the automobile industry that affects us all when we are travelling on the Nations roads. Looking back over the changes and improvements in the automotive industry throughout the past 5 decades, one vital tool has gone without much improvement or regards at all. The humble side mirrors on the automobile today is not greatly different in type to the side mirror that was found on the earliest models of vehicles manufactured. Considering the number of traffic incidences and fatalities that account for mistakes or issues from lane changes, there has to be a better way to expose the blind spot when driving a vehicle.

One possible solution to the dilemma is a creation by MaxiView Mirrors. Using a specially patented design which is essential in resolving the problems that several drivers suffer from, as well as poor manufacturing design of a vehicle, MaxiView mirrors can expose the area that the blindspot has hidden. Current side view mirrors simply reflect a small part of what is actually behind and beside the vehicle. Viewing the reflection you can see that a great deal of the image is made up of the sky, the vehicle you are travelling in as well as the road immediately behind. Obviously, the sky is not important when considering if it is safe to swap lanes. That is why MaxiView mirrors mounts their unique blind spot mirrors in that exact place. This enables minimal visual disruption and provides optimum reflection of hidden vehicles or objects within the blind spot.

Attaching the MaxiView Mirrors to your factory standard side mirrors on your vehicle is an easy task. These can be stuck on with the special adhesive backing that comes with your set of MaxiView Mirrors. If you choose to swap cars or sell your vehicle, you can use the unique tool to remove the mirrors so you wont ever have to be without them. Place them in the upper corner of the side mirror, where the sky is normally reflected on your existing vehicle side mirrors. You will note that the reflection offered by MaxiView mirrors is up to three times larger than the actual object. This means you will have far more time to decide to swap lanes or wait. The patented design of the mirrors allows the driver to achieve the greatest degree of lateral and side adjustability than any other stick on mirror the world over. This means drivers can remain looking straight ahead and still be able to acknowledge if there is a vehicle or object in the blind spot. All this without turning, twisting in their seat or looking back over their shoulder.

Regardless of the height of the driver, these side mirror adhesive attachments will allow any driver of any height to still be able to determine if it is safe or not to swap lanes when viewing through their MaxiView Mirror. Considering the number of fatalities and collisions that occur each day on our highways due to poor driver vision and blind spots, the MaxiView mirror could save your life or that of a loved one. At less than $30 a pair, can you really afford not to have them?