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Blind spot mirrors make you safe on the roads

Blind spots limit the view of the drivers, which results in an increasing number of road accidents. In some locations, these are such common occurrences that the accidents are not even reported in the newspapers. The accidents are dangerous that cause grave injuries and a large number of premature deaths. A common cause of these fatal accidents is the limited view provided by normal towing mirror, motorhome mirror, and motorcycle mirror while changing lanes. Therefore, drivers need to use some techniques that reduce their blind spots thus making driving safer.

One such technique is the blind spot mirror, which is available at extremely affordable rates. The mirrors are an excellent new device that overcomes the common faults of the presently available attachable mirrors. The fish-eye and bubble mirrors distort the image when being enlarged and provide inaccurate distances between vehicles. The flatter design of the new blind spot mirrors overcome these shortfalls and provide a clear and enhanced view to the drivers. The mirrors are fully adjustable with a unique swivel ball technology to suit the height of any driver.

The optically designed lens is shatterproof and resistant to foggy weather. The special night vision feature provides comfortable driving by making the lens completely glare proof. The attachable mirrors are manufactured with a bonding strip that is easily stuck on to the top inside corner of the side mirrors. The adhesive is specially manufactured using a NASA technique that is used to stitch battlefield injuries. Moreover, the improved blind spot mirrors can be removed from one vehicle with the secret removal formula. This enables users to reuse the mirrors on to another vehicle without damaging the mirrors during the removal process. The modern design of the blind spot mirrors make these compatible to any vehicle, which include small cars, trucks, buses, and other expensive car models.