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Blind Spot Mirrors on Motorcycles

When you get on your motorcycle in the morning to head off to work , you do son with the odds stacked hard against you that you may be involved in a collision. Statistics show that 75% of all road accidents involve motorcycles. When these statistics were investigated further it was found that the majority of those accidents occurred because the driver in the vehicle simply did not know the motorcyclist was there. The motorcyclist that is involved in these types of collisions is usually in the vehicles blind spot.

A blind spot is an area that all vehicles on our roads suffer from. It sits to the side and rear of the vehicle that we are traveling in. It is an area that can vary in size depending on the make and model of the vehicle or motorcycle. Many of these blind spots can “hide” entire vehicles within them and cannot be seen without the driver physically turning to look over their shoulder.

In order to provide better odds in safety when traveling on our nations roads, drivers and motorcyclists should consider the implementation of a blind spot mirror. There are a number of these already on the market but they are not nearly as effective as the MaxiView blind spot mirror. Unlike other blind spot mirrors, the MaxiView will enlarge the objects reflected, rather than minimize them. This ensures drivers and motorcyclists have plenty of warning before making any decisions such as lane changing. The beauty of the MaxiView blind spot mirror is that there is no other stick on blind spot mirror in the world that is as adjustable. Not only do motorcycle riders take their lives into their own hands when traveling on our roads but as motorists we should ensure that we have made allowances for implementing adequate safety precautions