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Blindspots buster

Blindspots are a reality that cannot be eliminated without using additional adjustments. All types of adjustments still leave some kind of invisible areas surrounding your vehicle, which poses several dangers. You need to use adjustable blindspot mirrors if you want to overcome these dangerous areas.

These mirrors are made with a new technology and are flatter in comparison to the fish eye and bubble types of mirrors. Therefore, this design enhances the visibility without reducing the size of the image and its quality. The drivers are able to view more than twice the area that is otherwise visible through the regular mirrors.

These new technology mirrors can be fitted on to any vehicular mirror, which includes towing mirrors, motorhome mirrors, and motorcycle mirrors. These devices are appropriate for the inner upper corner of the side mirrors, which is the portion that is not commonly used by drivers because it reflects some sky. The adjustable mirrors come with a swivel ball that can be rotated in any direction to adjust the view based on the height of the drivers and their personal preferences.

The optically engineered glass makes these mirrors durable and long lasting. This technology makes the glass resistant to shattering in case your vehicle is involved in some impact. Moreover, the technology makes the glass resistant to fogging and glaring. Therefore, you can now conveniently drive your vehicle under all types of climatic conditions and during the night.

The blindspot mirrors come with a bonding strip that is used to attach the mirrors to the side mirrors surfaces. The strip is made with all weather adhesive manufactured using a NASA developed technology. Therefore, you do not need any high end skills and equipments to attach these mirrors to improve your visibility. Finally, the mirrors are priced at a very reasonable rate, which makes these devices cost efficient. Moreover, you can reuse these mirrors from one vehicle to another, thus saving you additional costs.