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Can You Afford Not to Have a Blind Spot Mirror?

Any time we get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle – be it a car, motorcycle, bus, truck or motorhome we encounter a problem with our vision- the blind spot. Using the standard manufacturers side mirrors there have been attempts to remedy the problem by adding “special” mirrors to the driver’s side mirror that come with a range of warnings. You have no doubt read the warnings and you may have a mirror like this on your vehicle. The warnings generally state that objects are larger than they appear. When we think about how hazardous those mirrors actually are it is staggering that they have been implemented on vehicles at all.

Suddenly, the driver is required to become extremely accurate at estimating the true distance of the vehicle in their blind spot and hope that their estimations are accurate when making a seemingly simple maneuver such as a lane change. The blind spot mirrors that are built on to many vehicles on the roads reduce the size of the image that the driver is trying to avoid. What a ludicrous invention! Thankfully, MaxiView blind spot mirrors saw that the so-called solution to the problem was indeed just another problem as well and designed the most effective and efficient stick on blind spot mirror on the market.

These mirrors are easy to install and revolutionized the industry by making the reflected image up to three times larger than the actual size of the object. That means that drivers no longer have to squint and estimate how far away the other vehicle is to them. An enlarged image gives the driver ample time to decide if a lane change is safe or not. As the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror, all drivers – regardless of their height or seating positions can benefit from the ball and socket design of the MaxiView blind spot mirrors.