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Can You Afford Not To Have A Pair Of MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors?

For many years now, the automotive industry has neglected to address a vital component needed for safer driving on the vehicles that grace our roads and highways. A quick review of the massive changes in design and efficiency of today’s vehicles will show how far we have come in designs and technology. However, one humble accessory necessary for safe driving has been ignored for almost fifty years. The side mirrors and rear view mirrors on today’s vehicles differ only very slightly to those that were placed on the earliest models that can off the production line. Knowing that lane changing collisions are the cause of more fatalities and injuries than any other traffic related collision, something has to be done to remedy the problem.

One promising solution to the issue is a concept by MaxiView Mirrors. Using a specifically patented design that is essential in finding a solution to the problems that several drivers suffer with (to the same extent as poor design when manufacturing the vehicle), MaxiView blind spot mirrors can reveal the objects that the blindspot has hidden. Today’s stock standard side view mirrors simply indicate a minute part of what is in fact behind and to the side of the vehicle. When viewing the reflection you can establish that a notable deal of the image is made up of the sky as well as the vehicle you are travelling inside along with the road directly behind.

Clearly, the sky is not of great consequence while taking into account if it is safe to swap lanes. That’s why MaxiView blind spot mirrors chooses to position their effective blind spot mirror inside that exact corner of the mirror. This allows for the least amount of visual disruption all the while providing maximum reflection of hidden vehicles or objects contained within the area of the blind spot. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world. You will not find a better mirror that allows for maximum lateral and side to side adjustability. Therefore any driver regardless of their height is able to get maximum visual advantage with a MaxiView blind spot mirror.

When attaching the blind spot mirror to the existing side mirrors of the vehicle, make sure that the area has been cleaned free from dirt and dust. Follow the instructions for fitting your pair of MaxiView blind spot mirrors to enable the best result. Should you choose to sell your vehicle, or perhaps you are wanting to place your MaxiView blind spot mirrors on another vehicle, you can easily swap and fit them again and again. Use the neat tool that MaxiView developed to remove the blind spot mirrors and attach them again in the same way. When we consider just how dangerous it is to be on our nations highways nowadays, all the vehicles in our family should really be fitted with a pair of MaxiView blind spot mirrors. At less than $30 a pair, can your family afford not to?