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Can You Afford To Get Behind The Wheel Without MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors ?

Check your daily radio or newspaper and you are bound to see a report on a collision on your states highways that has involved the unsafe changing of lanes. This isn’t even making news in many parts of our country as it is such a common occurrence. Sadly, many lives are lost each year due to unsafe lane changes. So what is the cause of these horrible collisions? Most times it is due to the driver simply not seeing the other vehicle in their blind spot. Every car has one and you can bet that every truck and motorcycle on our roads has one as well. What danger is lurking in your blind spot every time you get behind the wheel?

MaxiView blind spot mirrors came up with the solution to the accident s and near misses that occur every day on our roads. The standard mirrors that are on your vehicle today are not equipped to highlight the objects or other vehicles that are in the blind spot. Other manufacturers tried to come up with an alternative and developed the fish eye or bubble mirror. These are impractical as they reduce the size of the object so much that the driver not only has to strain to see what is behind them but they also have to mentally calculate the safety of making a lane change based on an estimate of the other vehicles distance. This is a recipe for disaster that gets played out again and again on our roads daily.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors put an end to the warnings on those other mirrors that state objects may be larger than they seem. MaxiView blind spot mirrors enlarge the object in the mirror by three times its actual size, giving the driver ample time to make a decision as to changing lanes. At less than $30 a pair, can you afford to get behind the wheel without them?