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Car DVR is with 3D acceleration sensor system

Vehicle Digital recording device is by using three dimensional acceleration sensor system

In compliance with the style of the prototype, the clockwise vibration the right turn, and the other way around would be to turn left. Systems continue to be developing additional features, for example to see route to let drivers know whether you will find other cars within the vehicle blind spots. The controls system for testing and research, Carnegie Mellon College and also at & T scientists discovered that its benefits are obvious, which may be the driver’s attention focused. Particularly when the controls from the 25-year-old youthful motorists, distracted the probability is decreased by about 3.1%. Relevant studies haven’t had the opportunity to prove useful to seniors motorists older than 65, but could only pay attention to the instructions, with the aid of controls vibration, the prospect of distracted motorists of the age rejected by four percent. It’s reported the AT & T plans aren’t restricted to manufacturing a controls, they would like to produce a full-range of automotive systems, therefore the vehicle could be more intelligent driving. Possibly this technique will even reject a phone call while driving the brand new features. Once the phone sensor towards the vehicle throughout the move, immediately obstructing calls or SMS, plus some technology may also sense and separate driving or people on the telephone. Summer time, increasingly more riders are starting to purchase tachograph needs. However, as vehicle electronics to adjust to the atmosphere in summer time tachograph items, which particular elements to give consideration into it Data reveal that: the sunlight in summer time, the vehicle surface temperature can certainly exceed 85 C. The tachograph special positioning, its withstand our prime temperatures are almost the very first. Once there’s the tachograph illustration of melting on the planet exposure, this news from the of tachograph battery skyrocketed in a hot temperature every once in awhile you will find heard. To hot temperature, the tachograph surface material and using materials is essential! Ling amount of DM-100 tachograph through the first high-finish from the Chinese – “Ling” technologies are introduced, the entire body having a mirror-drawing process, combined with frame plating process, to safeguard not distort within the summer time hot temperature atmosphere. Ling amount of DM-100 each are constructed with high-quality batteries and capacitors, prior to the factory over 72 hrs of high-temperature aging test to make sure that experienced harsh vehicular atmosphere. The driving recorder like a high-finish, Ling DM-100 related functions positively, CMOS500 Wan low-light high-sensitivity lens, the effective sensitivity of .3Lux level, more realistic picture clearness. 1080P HD videos. Ling amount of DM-100 abandons the typical H.264 video coding, using greater resolution M-JPEG video encoding format, it of rival home-DV.Ling DM-100 also built-in three dimensional acceleration sensor system, the device is vehicle dvd running instantly senses your body in almost any direction around the accident, and instantly lock the 60s images are recorded pre and post the collision happened. Locked record cannot be erased on the device, comprehensive protection for that traffic evidence. Review: Summer time is peak season for tachograph fault the cottage there’s no quality assurance items or inferior items cannot be qualified for that demanding atmosphere of hot temperature, Ling amount of DM-100 like a make of authentic, the total amount hyundai dvd and hyundai navigation of the quality and strict quality assurance, enough to allow the customer confidence. Particularly, the product is much more on Taobao Majesty Official Guide Shop 288 yuan of special promotions, looking for footwear grasp clicked