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Change Lanes with Confidence and Added Safety when Towing

Do you have the requirement to tow a boat, trailer or other object on our roads? If so, then you would know how difficult it can be sometimes to have to negotiate your way through traffic and especially on the motorways. Many times it can be difficult to see other vehicles behind you let alone try and determine if you have another vehicle in your blind spot.

Until now the solution to checking your blind spot has been limited to say the least. The choices were for the driver to check rear mirror, then side mirrors and then physically look over their shoulder at the area behind them while traveling at speed and in this instance while towing. Understandably this is a dangerous yet well used method of checking the blind spot.

The other option is to have a blind spot mirror attached similar to the bubble or fish eye ones that have been around for some time. These reduce the size of the object reflected and come with warnings that objects may be closer than they appear.

When you are towing the last thing you need to do is hope that your estimation of the vehicle in your blind spot is accurate when trying to change lanes. MaxiView saw the ridiculousness of these products and decided to come up with a logical and smart product that would enable drivers to have ample time to make a lane change decision.

As the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror the MaxiView blind spot mirror will enlarge the reflected object up to 3 times its actual size. Able to be adjusted to suit any driver, regardless of their height or seating position, the MaxiView blind spot mirror has a unique swivel lens that sticks in the upper right corner of the vehicles existing side mirrors.