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Studies into the reason why there are so many collisions on the nation’s roads, revealed that changing lanes on highways and freeways as well is in busy city traffic, was the most common cause of vehicle accidents in America. There must be a reason why this maneuver is so dangerous and causes accidents, compared with all the other maneuversperformed by drivers. The truth is that there is a perfectly logical explanation for why changing lanes is dangerous and it is related to the blind spots that are found in so many of the vehicles driven on our roads. Blind spots interfere with lane changing; making the driver think that the lane is clear when in actuality there is an approaching vehicle in the blind spot.

There is however solutions to this problem which can really save lives and help to prevent collisions caused by vehicles changing lanes. The solution is a state of the art blind spot mirror which cleverly attaches to the top of the regular side mirror on either side of the vehicle. The MaxiView blind spot mirror has an especially engineered lens which gives a clear realistic view of all areas around the vehicle. The MaxiView blind spot mirror attaches with an all-weather adhesive strip and can be easily and quickly fitted at home without tools. The mirrors are mounted on a ball and swivel joint, which allows them to be adjusted to suit any driver.

For around $30 this blind spot mirror puts an end to lane changing accidents caused by bad judgment and a blind spot moment. It will also make you a safer and more confident driver because you know you are able to see all areas around your vehicle. If all cars were fitted with this blind spot mirror there would be fewer lane changing collisions on our roads.