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The fear of having a collision when changing lanes makes drivers nervous about making this maneuver and will often contribute to accidents because they are not driving with confidence. Drivers must have a clear visibility of the road when they are planning to change lanes and definitely not have a blind spot interfering with their visibility. When the weather is bad and driving conditions hazardous, blind spots are extremely dangerous, contributing to accidents that occur when vehicles are changing lanes. Tests on Californian roads recently produced some astounding results regarding blind spot mirrors, exposing the necessity to have them fitted to modern cars.

Many drivers are installing blind spot mirrors as a solution to this problem and they find that there is far less danger when making lane changes because they can clearly see all around their vehicle. The MaxiView brand of blind spot mirrors are an improved design, which opens up the road considerably and gives the driver increased, peace of mind. They are purchased for around $30 and can be easily installed at home following the instructions. The blind spot mirrors attach to the regular side mirrors of the vehicle in the upper corner that usually reflects the sky. The optically engineered lenses are mounted on a ball swivel joint which is easily adjusted to suit any driver. The lenses are fog resistant and produce a large clear image unlike the older style bubble or fish eye blind spot mirrors.

The improved design of the MaxiView blind spot mirror makes lane changing a breeze and they also improve driving skills over time, as well as giving the driver and the passenger’s peace of mind. After fitting these blind spot mirrors to your vehicle, you will wonder how you ever got by without them, because you will be so much more aware of the road and vehicles around you.