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Changing Lanes With Your Blind Spot Mirrors

Since the inception of the MaxiView blind spot mirror motorists report that they feel considerably safer on the road and can rest assured that they are not making any hasty decisions when switching lanes. This is a largely due to the effectiveness of the MaxiView blind spot mirror and the enhanced vision it is able to provide for the driver.

In order to understand how the MaxiView blind spot mirrors work, you don’t have to be a mirror physicist. These mirrors are optically engineered to provide expanded, distortion free vision, which further allows you to see objects that have been enlarged by up to three times in the blind spot. With a perfect view of what is around your vehicle as well as to the side and rear you are more likely to make safer driving decisions when you have the MaxiView mirrors attached.

Of course, consideration of traffic rules is a must even after having your MaxiView blind spot mirror attached. When changing lanes, begin by staying alert to the flow of traffic and don’t let any particular, individual object distract you. Make sure that you turn your cell phone off, or rather have it safely stowed in a bag where you cannot reach it. This way you won’t be tempted to answer it when someone calls. Cell phones are fast becoming the number one cause of traffic incidents and many lives are lost each year due to their distraction in a motor vehicle. Secondly, check your rear view mirror, then your side mirrors for vehicles or objects around your vehicle. Be sure to indicate early so that other drivers are aware of your intentions. When the lane is clear and you feel confident, change lanes.