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Clever, Innovative Design By MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

If you have done any driving on our nations highways then you would have no doubt either been a part of , been a witness to or been guilty of a lane change that has caused a collision or a near miss. You can be driving along, minding your own business when the car just in front of you in the next lane decides to place their indicator on and make a lane change. They can either hit you or miss you with only fractions of room to clear. The reason why they didn’t see you, even though you’re travelling in a vehicle that is at least 3 meters long and weighing a couple of ton, is because you were in the other vehicles blind spot. They may have checked their rear vision mirrors and they probably took a look in their side mirrors but the blind spot will still conceal you and your vehicle unless they took the extra step of leaning forward as far as they can to get as much reflection out of their side mirrors, or if they turned in their seat, taking their eyes from the road and checked over their shoulder to see you.

The blind spot mirrors that have been on the market up until now have done little to curb the critical issue of blind spots on motor vehicles. In fact they have been known to make the problem worse. Other mirrors will reduce the size of the vehicle that you are trying to avoid and that is why they come with warnings stating things like “objects may be closer than they seem”. MaxiView blind spot mirrors saw the craziness in this and decided to develop a mirror that actually increased the size of the object you are trying to avoid by up to three times its normal size, so as to give the driver loads of time to make their decision on whether it is safe to make the lane change or not.