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Constant intends to Shanghai, Wuhan China rose to 8.5 generation LCD – the constant, LCD TV – HC ne

Constant expects to Shanghai, Wuhan China rose to eight.5 generation LCD – the continual, Lcd Television – HC ne

Learned from people acquainted with Office, regardless of the constant groups and Wuhan, China, mid-bid


5 with respect to the road has yet to write the outcomes, however the constant in Wuhan, to be able to gain competitive advantage, continues to be silently organized a 20 generation type of technological difficulty investment team of construction in Shanghai 8.5 with respect to the road to complete program planning, intends to dominate SVA 5 with respect to the road within 6 several weeks following the launch of 8.5 with respect to the road construction.

8.5 with respect to the road is China’s greatest-LCD production line.

8.5 with respect to the road appealing to Shanghai

It’s understood that within the constant group has organised in the market a lot more than 20 technical staff from the Radio 5 with respect to the lines research, research is finished, the technical team centered on the argument put 8.5 with respect to the road technology, capital, market . Because the current generation of wireless technology 8.5 continues to be a substantial threshold, and both Japan and Columbia or China Taiwan region around the transfer to China

LCD panel

Very sensitive technology, related


Businesses might be supported in constant groups behind.

8 26,


The announcement from the eighth generation type of Beijing capital program, introduced in Beijing stated that in the finish of construction.

8 with respect to the road in the BOE financing choices to see, mainly funded through the Beijing Municipal Government, which may be seen to be able to get the local economy round the government spent lots of money to draw in manufacturing businesses to stay lower LCD panel. This impulse to purchase Shanghai must have, within the constant group throw line 8.5 with respect to the look plan ought to be appealing to the Shanghai Municipal Government.

5 generation line using the primary display different cut, 8 with respect to the road as well as the 8.5 generation lines are a higher generation lines, mainly accustomed to produce


High-finish machine having a display, China is


Manufacturing energy, wrinkles are completed, production capacity


No problem. Additionally, our prime-generation line settled in, the LCD is going to be driven upstream and downstream related information mill settled in, that the municipality role in driving GDP growth is apparent.

For this reason, Wuhan, Hefei, Zhangjiagang, Chengdu, Beijing along with other metropolitan areas are prepared to pay to draw in businesses to stay the primary LCD.

And SVA for processing

Stakeholders told reporters in constant SVA Group likely to dominate the fifth generation line within 6 several weeks following the place to begin 8.5 with respect to the program, the primary reason is: within the constant aspire to SVA Group 5 with respect to the road first and go back to profitability, 8.5 with respect to the road and fund-raising in order to facilitate the making of the 8.5 generation line election, in the end, 300 billion yuan of funds.

Source told reporters yesterday that to ensure that SVA 5 generation line, the continual integration of SVA Group lists the fifth generation type of reason, namely: Because the fifth generation type of sections within the situation of supply exceeding demand, future prices could also further edge lower, constant group affiliated companies within the liquid crystal manufacturing lines to digest 5 generation capacity, vertical integration chain surpasses other kinds of cooperation. Next, in constant operation number of private systems to make sure cost competition, to make sure that 5 generation line profit is essential, only 5 for the following generation of line profit to the introduction of greater generation line to supply protection.

SVA NEC, based on associates, presently in constant SVA Group has five lines from the processing with respect to co-operation. One August 5 with respect to the development line in a position to available to 300 000, fill 25% of capacity, in September intends to open 500 000, fill 40% of capacity, in October 800 000, 70% fill capacity.

Near to the permanent group who’re told reporters within the Hang 5 with respect to the audience required within the line after 3 several weeks can go back to profitability for five generation line.


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