Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror Support, Trouble Shooting, and Quick Fixes

Does the Maxi View Mirror appear to block your vision?

Only Maxi View has enough adjustability to see the entire blind spot from any position on your side mirror, as well as no wasted vision of your own car. So if the Maxi View Mirror appears to block your rear vision, your car mirror is aimed too low and seeing too much ground. The proper adjustment is approximately 50% ground plus 50% sky. This is also what your car manufacturer recommends.

Are cars you see in the Maxi View Mirror very, very tiny?

Maxi View Mirror can not see behind you. It will only see the blind spot that your car mirror cannot see and cannot be adjusted to see. That is two lanes wide and two car lengths long. When a car comes into your blind spot, it will fill up the Maxi View Mirror corner to corner, very large and thats when you realize you can’t see the car beside you in your regular car mirror. That’s when you will know how important the Maxi View Mirror is to your driving safety!

Is the Maxi View Mirror adjustment (ball and swivel) to stiff?

Maxi View is designed to come from the factory very stiff. It should be loosened before mounting. Simply rotate the base five or six times before installation.

Car wash Tips

There is one type of car wash that we recommend you avoid. It is the fully automatic wash with a very large, stringy brushes. The brushes may damage your antenna or your side mirror housing, and may also pull off the Maxi View.

Another good tip is to fold your side mirrors in against the door.

Don’t forget to check and readjust the Maxi View Mirrors after car wash.


Note: for drivers not experienced with blind spot mirrors, it will take a few weeks of driving and adjusting to become comfortable with Maxi View Mirrors.

For removal, you will need a 3 foot long piece of nylon fishing line. Tuck it in under the base where the adhesive is. You will have two long ends hanging down. Simply crisscross the two ends then pull both ends apart. This will create a scissor action and will safely cut off the bonding strip. This requires some strength and a good pair of gloves.

Transferred To Another Vehicle Or Location

See Transfer Kit (bottom of page).