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Could MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Save Your Life?

Driving on today’s highways is far more difficult than it was years ago. Today we have more motorists hitting the roads due to more people within the work force and the increase in our desire to be mobile. This brings with it many advantages but one disadvantage that is glaringly apparent is the increasing lane change collisions. Lane change collisions are the most common accidents to occur our our roads and when the drivers involved are asked it is answered on the majority of occasions that the driver simply did not see the other vehicle in their blind spot.

Some limited attempts have been made to make this a problem that is remedied. Designed many years ago the bubble or fish eye mirror was produced to aid drivers with located vehicles in their blind spot. Unfortunately, it became increasingly apparent that many vehicles with these mirrors fitted were also involved in lane change collisions as well. Bubble mirrors actually reduce the size of the image being reflected. This means that a driver has to squint to see the greatly reduced image in the side mirror and then somehow accurately guess the distance it is traveling from them in order to safely make a lane change.

MaxiView mirrors came up with a revolutionary design of their blind spot mirror. Instead of reducing the size of the image that is reflected, MaxiView cleverly enhances the image by up to three times its regular size. This gives drivers ample time to determine if a lane change will be safe or not. As the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror the MaxiView blind spot mirror suits any driver of any height or seating position. Considering an investment of less than $30 for a pair of MaxiView blind spot mirrors could save you not only your life but that of your passengers and possibly that of another vehicle, can you truly afford to not have MaxiView blind spot mirrors?