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Drive Safer by Eliminating Your Blind Spot

Don’t you wish you could increase the safety of your driving by eliminating that pesky blind spot? Maybe you’ve tried bubble or fisheye stick on mirrors, but were disappointed by the distorted reflections that didn’t accurately reflect distances, and actually hindered your view. Well, look no further than the new fully patented Blind Spot Mirror for the total elimination of your blind spot blues.

How does it work? This revolutionary Blind Spot Mirror mounts onto your side mirror in the upper corner, safely doubling your side mirror vision. This blind spot mirror feature adjusts a full 360˚, making it perfect for drivers of all heights. It attaches without needing any special tools using a state of the art adhesive developed by NASA, and is guaranteed to survive any climate and last as long as your car. It’s shatterproof and fog resistant lens provides full focus capability, optimizing your view and eradicating your blind spot troubles, even at night.

Do you own an expensive luxury car, motorhome, motorcycle, or towing vehicle and want to enjoy a blind spot free drive? With a superb aesthetic design, this blind spot mirror fits looks at home on any vehicle, and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle according to the instructions provided with the MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple mirrors just because you changed vehicles.

If the MaxiViewBlind Spot Mirror worked for drivers on the California freeway and the Autobahns of Europe, it is sure to work on eliminating your blind spots and allow you to drive safer, no matter on what roads you might travel. So don’t put off ordering the MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror another moment- you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to say goodbye to your blind spots and prevent costly collisions.