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Drive Your Motor Home with Confidence

A recent research has indicated that many drivers have difficulty driving at a constant speed and keeping their vehicles in one lane when they are involved in other tasks as talking on their cell phone. This means that if your motor home does not have MaxiView blind spot mirrors, you may well find yourself the target of the distracted driver ramming into the side of your motor home.

When we are on the nation’s roads we often find ourselves driving in multi-lane situations. It can at times be difficult to know what vehicles are in and around your own vehicle. When you are driving a vehicle as large as a motorhome you want to be particularly aware of what vehicles are to the front, sides and rear of you at all times. This can be achieved by using a blind spot mirror that illuminates other vehicles travelling in blind spots and allows you ample time to make lane changes or adjust your driving.

Deciding to affix MaxiView blind spot mirrors to your motorhomes existing side mirrors is a great way to give you the visuals you need when traveling in these situations. Motorhomes need as much time as possible to brake, make lane changes or adjust their traveling speed and having correct and adequate visuals available in your side mirrors is one way to achieve this.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors sit in the upper top corner of your existing side mirrors on your motor home. They sit in an area that would normally reflect the sky, and this means that it will not impede vision but in fact will enhance it. MaxiView are innovative as they enlarge objects reflected by 3 times their normal size, giving driver’s ample time to adjust their driving and act accordingly.