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Driving Safer With The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

There you are on the highway. Traffic isn’t too bad and you are enjoying the ride and letting your mind run free with plans for the weekend. The little red car in front of you keeps speeding up and slowing down and it is starting to annoy you. Seeing a break in the oncoming traffic behind you, you decide to move around the red car and change lanes. A quick check in the rear vision mirror confirms you are clear , and then a glance in your side mirror tells you it is safe to change. Flicking on your indicator you begin your lane change when WHAM! You hit a car in the next lane.

Where on earth did they come from? You honestly didn’t see them there and now the driver is abusing you for not checking before you changed lanes. The other vehicle was travelling in your vehicles blind spot. Unless you took the extra effort of swinging around and looking over your shoulder to see if anyone was there, or leaning so far forward that you are touching your steering wheel to see in the side mirrors for anything behind you, you will not be able to see anyone that is in your blind spot.

We can be grateful that MaxiView blind spot mirrors decided to find a way to combat this dilemma for motorists. Most of the blind spot mirrors on the market today reduce the size of the target you’re trying to miss. Does this sound a little ridiculous to you? Making the object smaller and then requiring the driver to make an estimate as to their safety in lane changing is a ludicrous way to combat this issue. Thankfully, MaxiView blind spot mirrors were innovative enough to design a mirror that reproduced the object reflected by up to three times its actual size. This gives drivers more than enough time to make a decision based on clearance and safety in lane changes.