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Eliminating blindspots of your vehicles

Every vehicle irrespective of its make and model has the existence of blindspots. These are areas surrounding the vehicles, which are invisible to the driver through the regular side and rear mirrors. These invisible areas are one of the leading causes of collisions between two vehicles while making lane changes. However, these can now be avoided using blindspot mirrors, which expand the visible areas surrounding your vehicles.

In comparison to the fish eye and bubble type attachable mirrors, the new design mirrors do not reduce the size of the image. Drivers can see an enhanced image of more than twice the normal size without compromising on the quality of the images. These adjustable mirrors are affordably priced, small, and easy to fix. Moreover, these devices do not cause any distortion of the vehicles’ appearance and are usable on all types of vehicles, such as towing mirrors, motorhome mirrors, and motorcycle mirrors.

Fixing these attachable devices to the side view mirrors is not difficult. You can accomplish this task within a few minutes at home without requiring any special tools. You can then adjust these blindspot mirrors to find the most convenient position using the patented 360 degree swivel ball technology provided by the manufacturer.

The glass of these mirrors is made with a special optical technology that makes the mirrors shatter proof thus providing durability to these. Moreover, the technology prevents fogging of the glass under cold weather conditions. Additionally, these devices are anti-glaring, which makes driving at night simpler safer, and more comfortable.

The blindspot mirrors are attached to the upper inside edge of the side mirrors using the bonding strip. The adhesive used in the bonding strip is of a high quality, which makes it resistant to all types of climatic conditions. Therefore, you can now effectively and affordably eliminate the dangerous blindspots from your vehicle mirrors.