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Eliminating the dangers of blind spots

Almost all of us are aware of the dangers posed by accidents caused due to large vehicles. Accidents involving large vehicles can occur due to any one of several reasons. Often large truck drivers drive continuously for several hours a day for many days to deliver the shipment on time, which can be very fatiguing. Moreover, some of the drivers use stimulants, alcohol, or other beverages to enable them to travel long distances. Reckless driving or overloaded trucks are some other reasons that can result in an accident.

All vehicles mirrors, which include motorhome mirror, motorcycle mirror, and towing mirror, have blind spots. Moreover, the larger the vehicle the larger is the blind spot. A blind spot is defined as the area that cannot be viewed from the side mirrors and the rear view mirror.

Large trucks, buses, tractors, and trailers have blind spots on the rear quarter side, entrance blind spot, back blind spot, and the right side blind spot. In addition, the longer larger vehicles have lengthier rear quarter blind spots. Drivers of such vehicles are unable to see any cars in the area around these spots and may change their lanes. Due to the height of the large vehicles, the drivers are unable to spot vehicles from their side mirrors and hence are unable to change lanes with confidence and added safety.

This risk can be eliminated by installing blind spot mirror to the side mirrors and rear view mirror. These blind spot mirrors enhance the view of the drivers, which makes driving safer. The mirrors are adjustable with a swivel ball and can be easily installed without the need for additional tools. The installation-bonding strip is a NASA developed all weather-bondingstrips, which provides longevity and strength to the installation process. Lastly, the mirrors are shatter proof with unique night vision feature making these mirrors glare proof for additional security.