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Expose The Blind Spot With MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

When we get behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of a vehicle that is going to travel on any of our nations highways then we instantly put ourselves at risk of encountering the most common cause of collisions that involve vehicles on the highway. You may be surprised to learn that lane changing accidents make up the most common reason for injuries and sometimes death from collisions. This is extraordinary, considering our vehicles are all equipped with the necessary parts to allow for a safe lane change, right? I mean you have the rear vision mirror to check in, then you have the side mirrors on the vehicle, and you also have the indicator to alert other s that you are going to swap lanes. What could possibly be missing from those components?

It’s ok, you aren’t alone in truly believing you simply did not see the other vehicle there. In fact that is the biggest reason motorists give when they are questioned about the reason why they collided with the other vehicle in the lane they were trying to merge into. This is because the other vehicle was in your blind spot, all cars and vehicles have them. Unless you took the time and effort – along with the risk of turning in your seat while taking your eyes from the road at a speed of around 50 or 60 miles an hour, and checking to see if there was anyone in the blind spot, you would not notice them there. There have been some very limited attempts to quell this problem and you have no doubt seen the fish eye or bubble mirrors on the market that try and expose the objects in the blind spot. The biggest fault these mirrors have is that they reduce the object that you are looking for in order to miss them. Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little dicey when it comes to estimating the distance they are from me if you’ve made them smaller.

We have had a very limited choice when it has come to combating the blind spot problem up until now. MaxiView blind spot mirrors have changed the way that blind spot mirrors help the driver for ever. Unlike the bubble or fish eye mirrors that are highly unsuccessful in helping the driver, the MaxiView mirror actually enlarges the object that is sitting in the blind spot giving the driver optimum time to make a decision according to the safety of a lane change. MaxiView blind spot mirrors give too much warning – which can only be way more successful that no warning at all!

The smart design of the MaxiView blind spot mirrors doesn’t just stop at reflecting a larger image for the driver. It also means that it is placed in a spot that is otherwise not used on the vehicles existing side mirrors. This is the upper corner of the mirror that would normally only reflect the sky. Now the side mirror has maximum vision of the side and rear as well as the blind spot around the vehicle. With their guaranteed most adjustable stick on mirror on the face of the earth, MaxiView blind spot mirrors have a unique 360 degree ball and swivel design. That means that it has maximum lateral and side to side adjustability allowing for all drivers to utilise the benefits of the mirrors regardless of their height.