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The driver’s blind spot is very elusive by nature and many people are very surprised after they purchase a set of side mirror blind spot mirrors, to discover just how extensive the blind spot actually is. It takes installing blind spot mirrors to appreciate just how much of the areas around your vehicle you were not able to see, without taking your eyes off the road and turning your head. Blind spot mirrors have prevented so many accidents on American roads and they give the driver confidence in flowing traffic to change lanes safely. Blind spots cause drivers to make badly informed decisions about lane changing and pulling out into moving traffic and often result in a collision.

Once you have experienced driving with the MaxiView blind spot mirror it will utterly amaze you when you realize all the areas of bad vision and blind spots you have been living with. Many people do not realize they even have a blind spot, because they are so used to compromising for it. After using a blind spot mirror suddenly this wide clear span of vision opens up the road making you feel safer and more in control.

The MaxiView blind spot mirror is not to be confused with the bubble blind spot mirror that also sticks onto your side mirror, but is not adjustable and can distort the image making it difficult to determine how far away a vehicle is from your car. This blind spot mirror retails for under $30 and comes with an all-weather strong adhesive strip and is designed with a ball swivel adjustment that suits people of all heights and seat positions. Adjusting the blind spot mirror is something you must do if another driver has used the car before you, if however you are the only driver of your vehicle and you keep the seat in the same position, you will not need to adjust the mirror each time you drive.