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Exposing the Hidden Blind Spot

When’s the last time you really checked out your blind spots? Have you ever thought to actually find the range of your hidden blind spots, and know when you should turn your head to check for another driver? Next time you get in your vehicle, take a good look at the view around you- you’ll be surprised what you’re missing. However, there is a way to expose those hidden blind spots once and for all, and keep them from impeding your driving and save you from a potentially deadly accident or pile-up.

Install the latest design in Blind Spot Mirrors to the upper corner of your side view mirror and uncover those lurking blind spots. It attaches easily to any range of vehicles and mirrors- motorhomes, motorcycles, and towing vehicle mirrors included- and the special NASA-designed adhesive strip is guaranteed to last the life of your car. There is even a way to remove it, explained in the product instructions, so that you can transfer the innovative Blind Spot Mirror from car to car as needed.

How does it work? Well, the state of the art Blind Spot Mirror is superior to other stick on mirrors, such as traditional bubble or fisheye mirrors, because it provides full focus capability through its 360˚, fully adjustable ball and swivel, allowing for a perfect fit for any driver, just like its aesthetically pleasing design will fit any car. Proven to be reliable on both the California freeways and the European Autobahns, the most superior Blind Spot Mirror will give you those extra seconds you need to make a smart lane-change decision.

Never drive in the dark again. Expose your hidden blind spots today with the MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror and drive with the knowledge that you’re protected from cars sneaking into those pesky blind spots side view mirrors can create.