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Features of blind spot mirrors

One of the major causes of accidents entailing collision between vehicles while changing lanes are the blind spots that are present in the side mirrors. In addition, several children in the United States are involved in accidents while cars are backing up. The primary cause again is the blind spot in the viewing mirrors. Blind spots are those areas in the side and rear view mirrors that do not provide the image of the vehicles in the surrounding areas. This is true when making lane changes as drivers are unable to view the oncoming cars from two lanes away.

An effective method to eliminate the blind spots is using adjustable mirrors, which are attachable to the vehicles’ mirrors to increase the visibility of the drivers. The largest advantage provided by the new blind spot mirror over the fish-eye or bubble-type mirror is the clarity and the larger size of a distortion-free image. The mirrors are attachable to all types of mirrors, which include motorhome mirror, towing mirror, and motorcycle mirror.

Another excellent feature of the blind spot mirror is the strong all-weather bonding adhesive strip that is manufactured using a technology approved by NASA. The special adhesive finds use in stitching up battlefield injuries. The strip is easy, simple, and quick to attach to the side mirrors without the aid of any equipment. Additionally, the instruction guide provides a detail method to remove the blind spot mirror and reattach it to another vehicle.

The blind spot mirror is provided with a unique swivel ball that enables the mirror to be completely adjusted through a 360-degrees angle. The mirror is manufactured from a high quality glass, which is shatterproof, resistant to fog, provides total protection against glare of oncoming vehicles, and is adjustable to suit the specific requirements of all drivers and vehicles.

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