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Fully Adjustable MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

One of the most ridiculous and yet highly dangerous requests that a driving instructor will request of their driving pupil involves the steps to make a (hopefully) successful lane change on one of our nations busiest thoroughfares; the highway. The instruction for making a lane change regardless of the type of road is the same. First, the driver must check the rear view mirror for any vehicle behind them, if clear then they check the side mirrors to see if the area to the side of the vehicle is free from vehicles. Next comes the most amazing piece of instruction to impart on a driver without experience; the instructor asks that the driver turns in their seat, looks over their shoulder and physically checks if there is a vehicle or object in their blind spot. Can anyone not see how incredibly dangerous it is for any driver – let alone a driver with little to no experience , to turn their body and eyes away from the road in front and look behind them whilst travelling at speed?

How do we remedy this problem and keep all drivers safe on the road? Considering that every vehicle that we come into contact with every day has a blind spot it is clear that this is a problem that can affect any of us at any given time. You may be able to recall near misses where a driver has swerved in front of you or perhaps you have made a lane change without seeing the driver ion your blind spot? This is such a common problem and it is the leading cause of collisions resulting in injuries and sometimes death on our highways. MaxiView blind spot mirrors is the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror that can combat the problem of blind spots regardless of the vehicle that they are attached to.

A clever 360 degree ball and swivel design means that the MaxiView blind spot mirrors can be adjusted to suit any drivers sitting position and are effective regardless of their height. That means the tiniest little grandmother can still have maximum lateral and side vision of the rear and side of her vehicle, just as effectively as the NBA basketballer. The optimum range of adjustment of the MaxiView blind spot mirror has them regarded as the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world. With all of that flexibility the driver is able to ascertain who and what is in their blind spot, without turning their head and taking their eyes from the road.

Don’t worry if you purchase your MaxiView blind spot mirrors and you sell your vehicle later, you can still take them with you. The super strength adhesive bonding strip that ensures that your mirrors stay put irrespective of the punishing conditions, is the same bonding material that is used in surgery as a stitches replacement. You can remove your mirrors at any time with the special MaxiView blind spot mirrors tool, and re apply them to the next vehicle. The amazing qualities of these mirrors don’t stop there, as the anti glare qualities allow for top notch night vision capabilities as well.