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German Car experts mentioned in most word

German Vehicle experts pointed out in many word

Actually, the technical content of vehicle navigation items compared to average phone is even lower, that’s, an easy nick, satellite receiver nick with screen to have the ability to produce, but this kind of method is still no industry certification standards, therefore the product level, the vehicle navigation product or perhaps a production isn’t strict, non-standard sales, after-sales services are imperfect “three noes” industry. “a vehicle navigation items industry have many years of experience in the market to Nanfang Daily reporter revealed the dilemma of the profession . Impassable streets, streets and insufficient results, would be the navigation map responsible. Outdated navigation map or use unlicensed maps will result in be directed in to the forbidding barrier sections, some satnav systems will also be not discover the destination from the phenomenon. Mention of the automotive and security, our mind’s eye, a brandname might be in the Nordic Volvo, however in a brief history of the introduction of automotive safety technology, Mercedes – Benz older qualifications. 1959 design crash crumple zones, anti-locking system in 1978, the very first time in 1995, outfitted with electronic stability system and side airbags. Mercedes-Benz automotive safety technical contribution in no way small, but requested what didn’t leave the security car’s status It may be distinguished, luxurious characteristics provide the impression the impression much deeper. May 24, 2011, I had been fortunate to have fun playing the Mercedes-Benz organization, the theme of “the street resulting in the zero-accident-free driving this year’s Mercedes – Benz safety technology salon. The big event is made to show Mercedes-Benz continues to be the primary passive safety technology and also the future may wish to use a few of the more cutting-edge security technology to Chinese customers. The 2nd project is the expertise of active safety technology, wealthy experience project, the only real regret would be that the activities and arrange an evaluation drive, only underneath the driving from the German experts and explain the exam ride. The automated stopping system, brake assist system, and lots of brands are essentially identical to the vehicle dvd player for vehicle Mercedes-Benz from the product is split into three stages, the collision of two.6 seconds far away of the voice indication, while 40% from the stopping pressure is going to be enforced at 1.6 seconds be alert and decelerate, when the driver continues to be no response, the machine will apply 100% stopping pressure in .6 seconds prior to the collision to lessen deficits. Speed of 30 km can avoid collisions, and Volvo. Blind place assist system is another recent quantity of producers are positively while using kia dvd and kia navigation technology, right through to the trunk from the vehicle radar installed behind the perception side. When the rear side from the vehicle, the machine can give tips about the trunk-view mirror, but nonetheless had the motive force lane changes, the machine through the vehicle to apply a stopping pressure to assist them to go back to this lane. The blind place of auxiliary functions of numerous brands are just presented to show that doesn’t supply the stopping pressure.