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How Blind Spot Mirrors Can Improve Your Motorhome’s Safety

Have you been wondering how you can find a solution to the blind spot when driving your motor home? You may have experienced a close shave at some time when changing lanes, and marveled at where the other vehicle could have possibly emerged from. Unfortunately, if you sit behind the wheel of any vehicle on our roads today – be it a motorcycle, passenger vehicle, bus, truck or motorhome you are going to have to deal with a blind spot. The blind spot is a specific area usually at the rear and side of the vehicle. Unless you physically turn in your seat or with use specialized blind spot mirrors, you won’t be able to see any vehicle or object lurking in that area.

An adjustable product such as MaxiView’s blind spot mirror is the best on the market. They provide a 360° rotational ball and swivel stick on mirror that can be placed on any existing side mirror – including those on your motorhome. Designed to be placed on the upper corner of the side mirrors, this is utilizing an area that previously would only reflect the sky.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are a stick on mirror that uses a special bonding strip to affix to your existing side mirrors. These mirrors are weather proof, shatter proof and fog proof. If your vehicle can dish out the harsh treatment then you can be sure that your MaxiView blind spot mirrors can cope with the job. Should you decide to change vehicles and choose to take your MaxiView blind spot mirrors with you, you can easily remove them with the special tool and affix them to another vehicle with ease. At less than $30 a pair this certainly makes this blind spot mirror extremely economical and a must for any motorhome driver.