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How dangerous is your car’s blindspot?

We are all aware about the existence of blindspots and the numerous dangers posed by these. A large percentage of vehicular accidents are caused due to collisions between vehicles when one of the drivers was changing his or her lane. The side and rear view mirrors provided a clear signal to the driver who wanted to change lanes. An oncoming vehicle suddenly appearing out of the blue while changing the lane is the primary cause of fatal accidents, which cause severe injuries and death. Most drivers are not quick enough to avert these accidents and hence the collisions occur.

You can now safely eliminate the dangers posed by such invisible areas with the use of blindspot mirrors. The mirrors are attachable to the side mirrors of all vehicles and enhance the vision by up to two times the normal visibility. Moreover, the quality of the enhanced images and their sized does not reduce due to the flatter design of these mirrors.

With the bonding strip provided by the manufacturing company, you can attach these mirrors on to the surface of the towing mirrors, motorcycle mirrors, and motorhome mirrors. The bonding strip has a superior adhesive, which easily sticks on to the glass surface. The NASA developed adhesive is commonly used to instantly stitch wounds incurred on the battlefield. Therefore, you can be assured that the mirrors do not slip down due to extreme climatic conditions.

One of the major benefits of these mirrors is their durability and longevity that makes these cost effective for eliminating the dangers posed by the blindspots. The glass is made with an advanced optical engineered technology, which makes the mirrors resistant to breakage. Moreover, the technology provides fog resistant properties to the mirrors. Finally, the mirrors have anti glaring properties that ensures your comfort while driving during the night.