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The roads in America are a dangerous health risk, killing hundreds of people every year from traffic accidents caused by someone making a badly informed decision. Most of the bad decisions are caused from the vehicle in question having a blind spot. Rear quarter blind spots the most common type of blind spot, found in a large percentage of cars. It covers the area towards the back of the vehicle on either side. When there is another vehicle in an adjacent lane just behind you, they can easily linger in this blind spot when they are travelling at the same speed as you. The blind spot is not visible from the regular side mirror and you must install a pair of blind spot mirrors in order to remedy this problem. Blind spot mirrors attach to the regular side mirrors of any vehicle including motor homes, pickup trucks and passenger vehicles. The blind spot mirror opens up all the areas you could not see before and ensures that you do not make badly informed decisions in traffic.

Traditionally blind spot mirrors have not been too popular as the tended to distort the image and make it hard to judge the distance of approaching vehicles. The new improved optically engineered MaxiView blind spot mirror solves all the problems that older style blind spot mirrors were renowned for. Firstly this design does not distort the image and secondly the image is almost 3 times larger than with the earlier models. The MaxiView blind spot mirror sits on a ball swivel mounting, that attaches to your regular side mirrors with an all-weather, strong adhesive strip. It is easy enough to install at home, requiring no special tools. The lens is fog resistant, glare proof and can be easily adjusted to any position in a 360 degree radius. After fitting the mirrors must be accurately adjusted to cover your blind spot and positioning will depend on the height of the driver and the seat position.