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How Do You Reduce The Blind Spot In Your Motor Home?

Driving your motor home on one of our nation’s highways may be your idea of truly living your dream. Sadly, it can also be the most dangerous time of your life if your motor home has not had the necessary adjustments made to its side mirrors. Every vehicle – regardless of size, make or model runs a major risk of being on our roads today. In fact, the common flaw to every vehicle is the one small but extraordinarily important safety equipment that all vehicles must have to be road worthy. It is the side mirror and the blind spot that these mirrors fail to display.

The most common cause of collision on the road today is the lane change. When studied it was apparent that motorists all complained and blamed the same thing for their poor decision to change lanes; they did not see the other vehicle in their blind spot. The blind spot is an area that the side mirrors of the vehicle cannot illuminate due to the reflected angles. Blind spots are evident in motorcycles and passenger vehicles all the way up to motor homes, buses and trucks. Some makes of vehicles have larger blind spots than others, but one thing is for sure – all vehicles are manufactured with one.

So, what can be done? In the past the answer has been to replace the standard side mirrors with a bubble or fish eye mirror. Many vehicles have these today and there have been manufacturers that have implemented a flatter side mirror that works in the same fashion. You have no doubt seen the warnings on the side mirrors that state that objects appear smaller than they actually are. The greatest flaw to these mirrors is that they reduce the size of the object you are trying to avoid! MaxiView have taken a logical approach to the solution by manufacturing the world’s most adjustable stick on blind spot mirror. They can be attached to your motor homes side mirrors and will reflect the object in your blind spot by up to three times its actual size.