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How does a blind spot increase your chance of collision?

Depending on the make and size of the vehicle, there are blind spots present in the rear and side view mirrors. Blind spots are those areas where the driver is unable to view a portion of the road from either of the vehicle’s side mirrors. A common kind of blind spot is rear quarter where the drivers cannot see any vehicles that are on rear of the car on both sides. Other blind spots are those that are very low on either the front or the sides and are true for higher vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, and vans.

Blind spots increase the possibility of a collision especially while changing lanes or taking a turn. Typically, drivers depend only on the vision that they are able to see from the vehicles’ mirrors while changing lanes or making a turn. Often, they overlook the probability of the presence of other vehicles in their blind spots that lead to road accidents.

While blind spots were unavoidable in the past, drivers can today eliminate the risk of accidents due to blind spots. An essential and most innovative of equipment, the latest blind spot mirrors are a boon to modern day driving. These mirrors can be easily stuck to the side and rear view mirrors to provide increased visibility to the drivers.

Especially beneficial to motorcycle mirrors, such mirrors eliminate the need for bikers to look over their shoulder while changing lanes. The mirrors provide a complete 360-degree view to the riders and eliminate those blind spots where the sky is normally visible.

Larger vehicles often cannot see vehicles that are very close to their rears and on either side of the trucks. MaxiView blind spot mirrors attached to motorhome mirrors and towing mirrors provide truck drivers an extended view of such vehicles and collisions due to emergency break application or sudden turns are eliminated.

Blind spots are a major cause of collisions that cause numerous deaths and severe injuries. The use of the latest MaxiViewblind spot mirrors assist drivers in knowing all that is happening around their vehicles and reduce the possibility of fatal accidents.