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How to Eliminate Blind Spots When Driving

The number one cause of accidents on the road is human error. A large percentage of that is caused by changing lanes prematurely. You can prevent this by minimizing blind spots in your car. Follow these quick tips and you’ll spend less time checking all the mirrors and more time actually driving.

1) Good posture. Your wrist should be resting on the wheel keeping it straight, if you feel uncomfortable with your position you probably are. Adjust your seat until you achieve the optimum distance. Having good posture eliminates unnecessary movement and keeps you alert.

2) Proper mirror positions. The trick is to let your side mirrors and rear view mirror overlap images. Have a friend stand 10 feet behind the car on one side of the car, say the right. Half of your friend should show up on the rear view mirror and the rest of him on the side mirror. Do the same to the left-side of the car.

If you have done step number 2 correctly you would have an almost 100% view around your car. That is, except for some very small blind spots of course. This is where blind spot mirrors can help. A good blind spot mirror can free you from having to do steps 1 and 2.

Blind spot mirrors are small mirrors usually attached to your side mirrors, since this is the main way that we as drivers can ascertain as to what is around and behind our vehicle. Most blind spot mirrors are either convex or con-cave (fish eye) types. They give the driver an idea of oncoming traffic that is usually “hidden” from normal side mirrors. The main problem with fish-eye type mirrors is they distort your view and can be of little help with getting an estimate of the distance the hazard is to you, so you still have to glance over your shoulder. This is a big no-no when driving.

It is recommended that you use blind spot mirrors from MaxiView. In fact, MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors are the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror. These very affordable stick on blind spot mirrors attach to a portion of your vehicles existing side mirrors where the sky is usually reflected. Unlike most blind spot mirrors, MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors do not distort the view and the driver gets a better idea of what is near his vehicle. No blind spots, No surprises.