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Discovering where exactly your blind spots are in your vehicle is not difficult and almost every make and model of car has at least one blind spot, some cars have several. Sit in your passenger seat and adjust your side mirrors and rear vision mirror so that you have optimal vision of the surrounding areas behind and around the vehicle. Any places that you cannot see easily through the mirrors, requiring you to turn your head around, are your blind spots.

To eliminate your blind spot you need to purchase a blind spot mirror. The MaxiView blind spot mirror is an easily attachable accessory, which will put an end to all your blind spot problems. It has been optically engineered to produce a clear life-size image of the surrounding area around your vehicle and the ball swivel joint on which the mirror is mounted, allows perfect adjustment every time. The ball swivel has a 360 degree movement so that it can be adjusted to suit the height of any driver.

The blind spot mirror has a special all weather, fog resistant lens which is also shatterproof and produces an image 3 times larger than other stick on blind spot mirrors. Once attached it increases the view from your regular side mirror, so that you can easily see the places which were previously in your blind spot. This model of blind spot mirror was tested on the highways in California and on the autobahn in Europe and it was found to significantly reduce accidents caused by blind spots, when changing lanes.

For around $30 you can purchase the MaxiView blind spot mirror, install it yourself using the all-weather adhesive strip and drive with confidence knowing that you have a clear view of all the vehicles around you on the road.