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How to improve driver safety

There are a number of things which can be done improve driver safety:-

  1. Vehicle body. These are steadily getting stronger and yet more flexible, crumpling on impact to reduce the energy reaching the driver. Get the most modern car or vehicle you can.
  2. Lights. Make sure yours are working and adjusted to hit the road, not the eyes of an oncoming driver.
  3. Seat belt and horn. These basic safety features are still used too infrequently or incorrectly.
  4. Brakes and tires. These must be tested by law but you really want yours at a much higher standard than the legal minimum. Both should be tried by the driver regularly. Hitting the brakes is not the time to find out there is a problem.
  5. Mirrors. These must be correctly sighted and adjusted to keep the blind spots to a minimum. Consider blind spot mirrors to reduce the blind spots. Investigate the best sort for your size and the characteristics of your vehicle. They may extend from out or be fixed to the existing side mirrors.
  6. Speed. Judge speed according to the road conditions at the time. Bear the weather and number of other road users in mind at all times. You need to be able to stop in the distance between you and the next driver. You need to be able to react to danger in the time your speed gives you.
  7. Drink and drugs. There are national and state rules. The scientific evidence is simple. Any drink or drugs make your decision making worse and reactions slower. The simple answer is; do not indulge if you are driving.
  8. Don’t assume. Anticipate errors and make allowances. Give people time and room to make mistakes. It’s no use being in the right and in hospital!