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It is most dangerous to put yourself in the blind spot of another car because the other vehicle might do something unexpected and cause a collision. Similarly you must always check your blind spot for lurking vehicles so that you do not cause a collision yourself. Blind spot mirrors are the best way to put an end to your blind spot and they can be purchased for around $30 and installed in a few minutes. The MaxiView blind spot mirror comes with full instructions for an Install at home, using the handy strong adhesive strip which attaches to your regular vehicle side mirrors. The blind spot mirrors have precision engineered lenses, made from an all-weather material which is fog resistant and which displays an image almost 3 times larger than other stick on blind spot mirrors.

Once the MaxiView blind spot mirror is installed, you can easily identify where your blind spots were and the increased visibility will make your vehicle easier and safer to drive. Changing lanes and merging in flowing traffic becomes smoother and you do not need to worry about other vehicles lurking in your blind spot. The MaxiView blind spot mirror is fitted with an engineered ball swivel joint, which allows full adjustment to any position, so that the mirrors can easily be adjusted to suit any driver.

Installing a MaxiView blind spot mirror is the easiest way to get rid of your vehicle’s blind spot and make your car a safer form of transport for yourself and all your family. They are easy to install yourself at home and it only takes a few minutes to clean and prepare the surface on your regular side mirrors. The blind spot mirror attaches to the corner of the side mirror that usually only reflects the sky.