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Improving the Blind Spot Mirror

If you are a seasoned driver then you will know that checking in your blind spot for any hidden vehicles or motorcycles is imperative if you want to make a successful and safe lane change. You may also be aware that even when you give a cursory check that this can often not be enough and that is when you get blasted by an anxious driver who thought you might have hit them. This can leave you a little shaken as a driver and have you super wary when trying to lane change again in future. But taking your eyes from the road when you are traveling at speed is a danger to all, not just the person in your blind spot.

So how do we fix this? You see, when we are taught to check for vehicles in our blind spot we are told to look in our rear vision mirror, then check our side mirrors and then twist or turn in our seat and look over our shoulders to see physically if there is anyone in the blind spot. If you are traveling on one of our nations highways at speed and taking your eyes from the wheel to turn and look behind you, does that sound like a safe option to you?

MaxiView mirrors didn’t think so either. That is why they designed a stick on blind spot mirror that is more adjustable than any other stick on mirror in the world. The driver is able to check the blind spot without turning in their seat and whats more, the reflection of any vehicle or object in the blind spot is enlarged by three times. This is a welcome change to the other inferior blind spot mirrors on the market that reduce the image by up to 8 times.