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Increase your safety on the road using a blind spot mirror

Most drivers often find themselves looking behind every time they are switching lanes. This often results in near misses or collisions with the vehicle ahead. Actually what causes this backward glance is the blind spot area that is invisible to the driver through the side mirror. This is why changing lanes has become has become a leading cause of car accidents on American roads. When a driver looks behind to check the blind spot area he risks colliding with other vehicles ahead and on the adjacent sides of the road. The driver may also make other road users to make sudden stops and may easily cause a pile up of vehicles on a busy highway. Blind spots have led to many accidents especially while changing lanes.

Instead of having to turn your head to check the blind spot you could invest in a blind spot mirror for your car. The blind spot mirror can be attached on a motorhome mirror, a motorcycle mirror as well as a towing mirror. It has superior features as opposed to the bubble and fish-eye side mirrors. It is shatterproof, fog resistant and is glare proof for safe night driving. A blind spot mirror is fully adjustable for better focus and can be further adjusted to fit every driver’s viewing position. It is optically engineered to provide an expanded distortion-free visibility to enhance the driver’s vision through the side mirror. The blind spot mirror is designed to eliminate misleading distances like the fish eye side mirrors do because with a face curvature of 8 ½ inches it gives a realistic image. The best way to increase your safety on the road would be to invest in a blind spot mirror because it has even been successfully tested and found on some of the busy California freeways.