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If all vehicles on our roads had blind spot mirrors installed, the roads would be safer and fewer collisions would occur, especially on highways where vehicles are travelling at high speeds. There are many accidents on highways caused by driver’s blind spots and many people are unaware they even have a blind spot until they have a collision. If you install a set of blind spot mirrors on your vehicle, you are making the roads safer to drive on for yourself and for other people. Drivers that use blind spot mirrors are more confident and have fewer accidents as they do not have to worry about vehicles they cannot see.

The MaxiView blind spot mirror is an innovative state of the art design which can be installed at home without any special tools. The package comes with full instructions and the mirrors are attached using an all-weather adhesive strip which attaches to the upper corner of your regular side mirror. Once installed the MaxiView blind spot mirrors can be adjusted to the perfect position using the ball swivel engineered joint, that will last the lifetime of your car. The blind spot mirrors have an attractive black finish which suits most vehicles and even looks good on the most expensive cars. The more people that purchase and install the MaxiView blind spot mirrors the safer the nation’s roads become. They cost around $30 and are an investment which easily pays for itself by reducing your chances of having a serious accident.

Because car manufacturers do not install blind spot mirrors they are an aftermarket item, the use of which should be encouraged by all car accessory suppliers. Beware of cheaper imitation blind spot mirrors such as the fish eye and the bubble lens as they do not work as efficiently and accurately as the MaxiVeiw blind spot mirror.